Sunday, November 19, 2017

Turkey may remove US radar if F-35s not delivered on schedule

As the U.S. and NATO pressure mounts on Turkey to stop the purchase of the powerful S-400 missile system from Russia, the American administration has threatened that it may not go forward with a plan to deliver F-35 fighter jets ordered by Turkey.

In retaliation to the American blackmail, Ankara may take measures of its own in response, atop of which is the possible dismantling of the powerful Malatya- K├╝recik AN-TPY-2 radar that was set up by the U.S. in 2012.

In a bid to dissuade Turkey from going forward with the purchase of the powerful S-400 missile defense system, the U.S. had warned that such a move “would jeopardize the sale of F-35 fighter jets to Turkey.”
Story here. 

My news alerts gathers in info from around the world.  Having said that, this is the first that I've heard of this news site.  Additionally the phrasing that they use..."blackmail"...leaves me a bit cold.

I wonder.

What is the worry about the Russian radar?  Why is the US and NATO (which has said the same) so concerned?  Seems to me that we would get a good look at the capabilities of the system if it were used in training events.  If it is as formidable as everyone thinks (including me) then training against it in European exercises should be a win win.

If done right I can see these guys being on an almost constant roadshow to various sites in Europe, the US, Australia and even Japan so that we can all test our tactics and pilots against the system.

But all that is irrelevant.

The markers have been placed.  It also puts into light certain news we've heard about the F-35 and sales to Middle Eastern countries.  We MUST look at those possible sales in a new light. 

If this threat is credible then could the F-35 enterprise be looking for ways to replace the sizeable Turkish order for these airplanes?  Imagine that suddenly 150 planes are taken off the books?  That means that we'd see an instant price increase for the rest of the allies.  Additionally isn't Turkey suppose to be a major repair hub?  This could get nasty.  I think as usual, greed will outweigh national security but what if they actually hold strong and Turkish orders are negated?

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