Thursday, November 02, 2017

UK Defense Minister resigns after getting caught up in the Weinstein mess...the social implications worry me...

via Reuters.
British defense minister Michael Fallon quit on Wednesday saying his conduct had fallen below the high standards demanded of his position, the first resignation in a sexual harassment scandal in parliament.

Prime Minister Theresa May, weakened after losing her parliamentary majority in a June election, loses a loyalist at a time when she is trying to break a deadlock in talks to leave the European Union. Fallon was described by sources in her ruling Conservative Party as a political “Rottweiler”.

His was the first high-profile resignation after a growing number of allegations of inappropriate behavior have been made against ministers and lawmakers, fueled by sex abuse allegations against Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein.
Story here. 


I thought Tailhook was bad.  I thought the Marine Corps Facebook scandal took scalps of guys that were caught unaware.

This Weinstein fueled mess is taking it to a new level!

This thing is spiraling in ways that is beginning to make me pause.  I don't know what these guys did.  I don't know if they're actually all guilty or if some of the women are simply piling on to get 15 minutes of fame but the sheer number of Hollywood A listers means that this is going to change things.

This isn't hitting some Marine, some Naval Aviator or another part of the unwashed masses.

This is hitting the elite!

Even the news media is taking their lumps on this thing.  The NPR editor resigned today and Mark Halperin one of the rising stars on MSNBC got blasted too.

The number of actors and directors accused is becoming almost legion.

But as bad as this is I wonder what comes next.  This dirty laundry got aired in public and you can bet that some of those that got named will be looking for their pound of flesh.

Could we be seeing the "collapse" of the assumed superiority of those that thought themselves our betters?

I can only hope but I have to wonder about the 13 year old boys that are just getting interested in girls have waiting for them in the future.  Will it come down to being so careful that written agreements are made before even casual conversation is attempted?  Will it have the opposite effect of women being viewed only as sex objects and only "bad girls" are deemed safe enough to even talk to?

You might think that I'm blowing the social implications of this out of proportion but I really think that we're gonna see a "male pushback" in some way.  Not this generation of males but the next.

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