Friday, November 03, 2017

UK's Defence Ministerial Crisis hits at a terrible moment for the island nation...

via Business Insider.
Theresa May is facing a major backlash after appointing her chief whip Gavin Williamson as the new defence secretary, with some Conservative MPs "livid" at the promotion.

Williamson was appointed on Thursday morning following Sir Michael Fallon's shock resignation as defence secretary on Wednesday evening after he was implicated in the Westminster sexual harassment scandal.

One senior Conservative backbench MP described the surprise promotion of Williamson as "Unbelievable. Ludicrous. Astonishing."

Former Chief of the General Staff Lord Richard Dannatt said the appointment was "quite surprising" and not the best option "from a defence point of view."
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I've been looking at my blogroll and NO ONE is talking about this brewing controversy.

Theresa May is having a HORRIBLE month.  First the economic impact of BREXIT which is considered a state secret is being pushed for release to the public.  Next she lost her majority because of a terrible miscalculation on her part. Then we had her loyal Defence Minister swept up in the Weinstein mess and forced to resign...and now we have her appointing another loyalist to replace him and having her own party going ape shit over the person chosen.

This couldn't happen at a worst time for the UK.

They are in the midst of another reshuffling of their armed forces so that they can afford many of the big ticket items that are on their shopping list, the Carriers are being completed on time but the cost is outrageous so they're looking at retiring capable amphibious ships to make the difference, the F-35 continues to be the hole at the bottom of the bucket sucking up huge amounts of money and they still have to do something with nuclear modernization.

No one is noticing but we could see the rapid de-evolution of British combat power.  This might seem an unfortunate personnel matter but it's indicative of much bigger problems.

The UK is facing a defense crisis.

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