Thursday, November 23, 2017

Wait. Trump revealed a secret op to the Russians and now its being revealed to the world?

via Times of Israel.
US President Donald Trump revealed details of a daring top-secret mission into northern Syria by Israel’s Mossad spy agency and elite Sayeret Matkal commando unit in a May meeting with Russian officials, sticking a dagger into the robust Israeli-American intelligence-sharing apparatus, according to a report Thursday.

The account, published in Vanity Fair based on information from unnamed sources the magazine described as “experts on Israeli intelligence operations,” sheds new light on both the highly sensitive covert operation deep in the heart of Syria and the damage done to the security relationship between the allies after the president revealed the secret information while apparently bragging about the quality of his intelligence reports.
Story here. 

You want to know why I say there is a concerted effort on the part of the deep state to de-throne Trump?  This is exhibit number 1.  We were told months ago that Trump revealed classified information to the Russians.

I get the outrage and I'm not happy.

But check this out.

We didn't know what the information was.  The Russians didn't reveal the info either.  But someone in the intelligence mafia decided to leak this news...specific Vanity Fair to I guess inflame the public once again about a mistake that was made months ago.

This brings something else up too.

Trump IS a buffoon.  He IS an egomaniac.  He DOES seek the approval of the elite despite them openly mocking him.  He DOES appear to have the attention span of a two year old.

But he's right about the leaks and he's right about Sessions needing to have the FBI hunt down those leakers and if necessary also prosecute news media sources that have published classified material.

Facts are facts and the President MIGHT have screwed up in our eyes and maybe even in the eyes of the Israelis but as President HE DOES have the right to declassify any material he sees fit.

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