Thursday, November 02, 2017

Wow! Marine Colonel calls for the "permanent" SPMAGTF to go away and return to the MEU concept!

via DOD Buzz.
After completing a seven-month deployment earlier this month, the commanding officer of the Marine Corps crisis response force for Africa has a recommendation for the brass: repurpose the task force and return a shipboard Marine expeditionary unit to the Mediterranean.

At a deployment debrief near Washington, D.C., Salene said the three-ship MEU was simply a better fit to meet the region’s needs and widely varied range of potential missions.

“A special purpose [Marine air-ground task force] is not designed to be something in perpetuity,” said Col. Sean Salene, commanding officer for Special Purpose MAGTF-Crisis Response-Africa. “It doesn’t have the same capabilities and capacities as the MEU/ [Amphibious Ready Group] team. Reestablishing that presence in the Mediterranean as a more capable, larger-capacity force, we think would work better to meet all the demands that are out there.”
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Either this Colonel has ran out of fucks to give or he's the most brilliant strategist of the age!

Do you get the ramifications of what he's saying?

*  SPMAGTF-CR is an AVIATION CENTRIC formation!  That is suppose to be the future of the Marine Corps and this guy (I'm reading into his words) is saying that not only is it incapable of performing the missions asked of it, but that its very creation was an abomination!

*  Additionally he's calling for a renewed EMPHASIS on the COMPLETE Marine Air-Ground Task Force!  By stating that the SPMAGTF-CR is not as capable as an MEU reinforces the statement above.


This dude either guaranteed himself a star or he's ready to sit on that plot of land he bought in Montana (he's got a cowboy name so I figure he needs some of that "big sky" country).

Either way I wish him well.  We need alot more like him!

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