Saturday, November 18, 2017

Yes I know there is an Argentine sub missing...

via CNN
The Argentine navy is stepping up its search in the South Atlantic for a 44-crew submarine that has been out of radio contact for three days.
President Maurico Macri said all national and international resources were being deployed to help find the San Juan as quickly as possible.
A Nasa research plane has joined the search for the vessel.
Britain and countries in the region have offered help after it disappeared 430km (267 miles) off the coast.
"We have not been able to find, or have visual or radar communication with the submarine," navy spokesman Enrique Balbi told a news conference.
Story here. 

Since everyone is filling my inbox with this news I decided to speak on it.

Yes I know there is a missing Argentine sub.

No I haven't commented on it.


Because we already know the story.  When a sub goes missing and it has to be searched for then 99% of the time the story will end in tragedy.

If the news release was that rescue equipment, ships and planes were rushing to the site of an Argentine sub in distress then we would have something to talk about.

We could watch the rescue effort, determine what we see that's to be cheered and moaned about, lauded the international effort etc...

But we didn't get that.

All we can really do is wait for the investigation to tell us what went wrong and hopefully for them to at least locate it in those deep waters.

Let me add this.  The sub service has come a long way.  That's for all countries.  Subs going down even in peacetime was once a fairly common occurrence.  Subs going missing and investigators being left with only guesses as to the cause was common too.

All we can do is take that 1% chance of hope and wring it for all its worth and wait.  This is big news but there just isn't much for us to talk about.

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