Monday, December 11, 2017

A note from CENTCOM PAO to a blog and no one else is NOT EVEN close to good enough.

Thanks to Spudman for the link!

This is a follow up to an earlier blog post where I noted that the Pentagon had not responded to Russian claims that a F-22 was engaged while it was warning off an airplane striking a target.

Check this out via Aviationist.
There is no truth to this allegation. According to our flight logs for Nov 23, 2017, this alleged incident did not take place, nor has there been any instance where a Coalition aircraft crossed the river without first deconflicting with the Russians via the deconfliction phone line set up for this purpose. Of note, on Nov 23, 2017, there were approximately nine instances where Russian fighter aircraft crossed to the east side of the Euphrates River into Coalition airspace without first using the deconfliction phone. This random and unprofessional activity placed Coalition and Russian aircrew at risk, as well as jeopardizing Coalition ability to support partner ground forces in the area.

Any claims that the Coalition would protect Daesh, or hinder, a strike against Daesh are completely false. We strike them hard wherever they are found. What we can tell you is that we actively deconflict the airspace in Syria with the Russians to ensure the enduring defeat of Daesh in the region. We will continue to work with our SDF partners, just as we will continue to deconflict with the Russians for future Coalition strikes against Daesh targets in Syria.
Story here. 

I don't follow the Aviationist Blog but understand it to be widely read.  That's awesome.

But it doesn't change the facts.

CENTCOM has yet to issue a public denial, their version of events or admitted that it happened.

I went to their website to see what was hot.  The CENTCOM website (here) was filled with the latest happenings but nothing on this incident.  Same with their Twitter or Facebook pages.

The Aviationist plays it straight and doesn't accept the story .... either story at face value. 

I can't say I can do the same.

The Russians wouldn't dare make an accusation like this UNLESS SOMETHING DID HAPPEN!  It might not be as they characterize it but something occurred in the air!

If not then a simple press release stating that would be a helluva lot better than a note from a freaking PAO that's obviously dazed, confused and need to be fucking fired.

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