Wednesday, December 27, 2017

At Least 10,000 Killed During the Tiananmen Square Massacre

via TheEpochTimes
At least 10,000 people were killed during the Tiananmen Square massacre on June 4, 1989 a secret British diplomatic cable has alleged, citing a source within the Chinese communist regime.

An unnamed high level source from the Chinese State Council provided the death count, via an intermediary, to Alan Donald, Britain’s ambassador to China at the time.

Donald sent the information to London a day after the massacre occurred. The previously secret cable was declassified in October and then obtained by news website HK01.

The death toll of 10,000 is much higher than what is usually associated with the massacre committed by the People’s Liberation Army. Figures have ranged between several hundred to a couple of thousand.

The Chinese regime said at the end of June 1989 that 200 civilians and several dozen security personnel had died in Beijing as security forces dealt with “counter-revolutionary riots,” according to the BBC.

However, the 10,000 number does closely match those of U.S. documents declassified in 2014. Those files estimated that 10,454 people were killed and some 40,000 people were injured. The U.S. information was provided by sources within the Chinese military, reported HKFP.
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Everyone forgets.  Correction.  No one wants to remember.

That beacon of free markets that our corporations want to enter so badly is the land of mass murder of its citizens that disagree with it's policies, that jails journalists on a daily basis, that sells the organs of its criminals to those wealthy enough to afford them....and they seek the destruction of the US.

A dirty millionaire in Moscow that is jailed gets pages of ink in newspapers and hours of coverage on TV news shows.  10K Chinese citizens killed in the open hardly gets a whisper.

Chinese Americans bask in the glory of a rising China, bad mouth other Americans that warn of the danger and make excuses for bad behavior of their motherland.

Meanwhile Russia is seen as the big bad, while the dragon with a knife ready to slice our throat is courted like the home coming queen and memes carry the day instead of reality.

Let's hope the 10K that were killed in Tiananmen can forgive us.

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