Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Center for Strategic & International Studies calls the J-20 a multi-role stealth fighter? Is this a new assessment?

Thanks to Vicktor for the link!

Jesus!  The J-20 has every bell and whistle that the fanboys believe will make the F-35 unstoppable with the added benefit of being faster, higher flying and longer ranged!

Is this a new assessment?  The J-20 is in essence a stealthy F-15E?


We got it so wrong.  We thought we had years till the Chinese would be able to field a stealth fighter that could challenge what we have and now it can CREDIBLY be argued that they're gonna put into service an airplane that is superior to the F-35 (that started development 10 years before the J-20 was even known about).

Don't care where you come down in the debate on the F-35, one thing is obvious...we're doing it wrong.

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