Thursday, December 07, 2017

Doug Jones just lost the Alabama Senate race...sends out "racists" flyers...

via The Root.
The above photo is not a stock photo or an image created by The Root’s art department. It is an actual flyer circulating around from the Doug Jones for Senate Committee in his run against Elmer Fudd wannabe and schoolgirl aficionado Roy Moore for Alabama’s U.S. Senate seat, and it has upset black voters across Alabama.

Someone, probably a white man, thought that the image would resonate with black people and motivate them to get out the vote. It’s as if black people were considering voting for the child molester until some brilliant strategist posited: “What if he were black, though?” The flyer is reductive in its oversimplification of the black mind as only caring about black issues. While it might not be racist, it is certainly racist adjacent.

It is also the Democratic Party.
Story here. 

Time for some plain talk.

I don't get this "believe the woman" standard.  I don't understand why the black community wasn't outraged by Conyers being forced out.  I don't understand why the average man (regardless of color) isn't freaking out that powerful individuals are being taken down/losing jobs with mere accusations and not connecting to the idea that if they can do it to the rich and powerful then what can they NOW do to the average Joe Blow?

But what pisses me off is the history of black males, black females having knowledge of this history and yet the Black Caucus is playing along with this madness.

That poster above?

It's racists as fuck and it's from the Democrat party.


Ok, this IS NOTHING but opinion, but the idea of black guys pursuing and bedding (in essence raping because no woman would want to have sexual relations) white women is as old a taboo as any.  I personally don't care who fucks who, but this was established in a different time and it's always been in the context of the discussion we're seeing today.

Black males ravaging white females and they females are powerless to stop it.  People have been accused of this and hung from trees.  People have been tortured into false confessions just to make the pain stop.

If Black people in Alabama are as big a part of Doug Jones' base and if he needs them to turn out to support him then I HOPE TO GOD they have enough sense to stay home.

It's past time to get off the Democrat Party plantation.  Oh and spare me the talk to Moore being an idiot.  I take that for as a given.  It's time to send a message to the Democrat party at the very least.  Blacks staying home for the slight you see at the top of the page would be a very powerful message....of course you'll see so called black leadership defend the poster and encourage voting for Jones but it will be bullshit from bullshitters.

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