Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Early release is a sad joke...compassion framed as reform is already killing people...

John Dalton Jr., of Omaha, Nebraska, was convicted in 1999 of manslaughter in the death of his 22-year-old wife, Shannon Dalton, and was released from prison in 2010. Omaha Police say Dalton, 46, is now a person of interest in the December 26 shooting deaths of his parents, John Dalton Sr., 70, and Jean Dalton, 65, and his niece, Leonna Dalton-Phillip, 18. They were found dead Tuesday night in their Omaha home.

Murder charges have been filed against Dalton.

Police are still at the scene investigating and are also searching for Dalton, who also goes by the names JJ Dalton and Jay Dalton.
Story here. 

We haven't touched on this issue but early release/parole of offenders is a joke.  Its an attempt to be compassionate wrapped in reform but it's already killing people.

But what has me spinning is that this guy had all the warning signs of ending up where he is.  The only question was who would his victims be.

History is a tricky thing.

It must be remembered, honored and cherished .... both the good and the bad.  But the evils of the past should not guide today's behavior.

An international example of this is the drama between S. Korea and Japan. An example closer to home is the issues with our criminal justice system.

There was a time when people were wrongfully convicted.  It still might be happening today.

But a murderer is granted a weak prison sentence?  He killed his wife and did less than 25 years in prison?

That alone is's like the justice system considered her to be only 2/3rds a person!  

This piece of shit killed his wife and gets to plead to a lesser charge?  He's on probation and gets additional charges to include drug dealing?  And now he's killed again?

Spare me your morality.  If I was the judge or on the jury I would accept nothing less than the death penalty.

I don't want to hear about his upbringing, hard times, socio-economic conditions etc...the only thing we should push for is the right thing....or a cop that has the commonsense to end the rampage via a little street justice.

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