Thursday, December 28, 2017

Forged By The Sea campaign is not impressing...Small Rant Included...

When the fuck did it happen?

When the fuck did the US Motherfucking Army crack the code on doing effective ad campaigns and the rest of the Gawd Damn Services (to include the blessed and beloved Marine Corps) go batshit stupid?

Yeah the fucking Army was smart enough to include this SF bubba jumping out of a plane in an commercial...even crusty, cynical bastards like me were saying "ok...that's sorta badass"...

Forged By The Sea?  With some dude wearing a scuba mask coming at ya?

Is that suppose to be hard core?

Is that suppose to fucking inspire?

Jesus H. Christ!  Fire all the ad companies (except the bubbas working for the Army) and toss me the fucking contract.  I could do 10 times better than the bullshit I'm seeing pumped out!

Rant over.

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