Friday, December 08, 2017

Gurkhas kick Para ass in Kenya!

via The Sun.
MORE than 100 Paras and Gurkhas fought with poles, bats and heavy machine-gun barrels as a training exercise exploded into mayhem.

The Royal Gurkha Rifles — motto: Better to die than to be a coward — were playing the role of an enemy and hid the cudgels for an ambush.

They lashed out as troops from 3rd Battalion, Parachute Regiment launched their final assault of the eight-week exercise.

The Paras — motto: Ready for Anything — grabbed spare heavy machine-gun barrels to hit back.

Scores were injured. An insider said: “It was like a scene from a football hooligan film. Soldiers were fighting using rifles and spare general purpose machine gun barrels as clubs.

“A few of the guys were hospitalised, and there aren’t many without a bruise or gash.”
Sources said there had been bad blood between the units since a brawl when they faced each other on the same exercise at Archer’s Post base in Nanyuki, Kenya, two years ago.
Story here. 

Jeez.  People talk too much these days.  This kinda shit happens more often than you know and it once never made it to the papers.

Guess those days are over.

Still it doesn't matter for two reasons.

The first, no one appears to have been seriously injured and a little unit cohesion was established while at the same time earning respect from both units toward the other in terms of respect (hopefully).

The second is that if they unified and fought a US Marine Corps unit they'd be handed their asses and the unit motos would change to "mommy make the bad, mean Marine stop"!

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