Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Lockheed Martin met production numbers on the F-35? Not so fast, the real story is much different!

via Bloomberg.
Lockheed Martin Corp. failed to meet delivery timelines set out in contracts for its F-35 jet for the fourth consecutive year, according to the Pentagon’s contract management agency.

It’s a less upbeat assessment of Lockheed’s performance than was offered earlier this week by the No. 1 U.S. defense contractor, which said it met its “2017 delivery commitment” of 66 planes.

While the company -- and the Defense Department’s own F-35 program office -- count how many of the fighter jets were turned over in a calendar year based on an agreed-on commitment, the Defense Contract Management Agency zeroes in on the monthly delivery dates set out in production contracts.

The 66 planes delivered in 2017 included nine from the planes’ eighth production contract that were supposed to be ready in 2016, according to the contract agency. Of the remaining 57, 23 were late based on the monthly “contractual requirements,” Mark Woodbury, a spokesman for the agency, said in an email.
Story here. 

I get Lockheed Martin lying their asses off. 

It's part of their corporate DNA.  If you want to advance past the production floor then you BETTER learn to toe the line!

But the Program Office?  The fucking Pentagon?

Just plain wow.

The F-35 has infected the services and caused them to not only lust after an airplane that will not deliver but to join themselves at the hip to a
manufacturer and LIE to the American people.

This is expected but still disappointing.

Honor and Integrity is no longer the hallmark of military leadership.  We aren't led by warriors.  We're led by Ferengi.

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