Thursday, December 28, 2017

Only in America. The Pentagon creates bureaucracy to solve bureaucracy....

via Defense News.
The first two months of 2018 will see two major shifts on the business side of the Pentagon, with the creation of three new offices that will report directly to the secretary of defense.

The goal, deputy secretary of defense Patrick Shanahan told reporters on Dec. 21, is to make the changes as irreversible as possible in a system notoriously impervious to substantive changes.

“We want to make sure that with the stroke of a pen or a few clicks of the keyboard, we can’t undo progress,” Shanahan said. “When you think about enduring change, you have to wire or alter the work so that you don’t regress. That’s the hard part about big bureaucracy — is making enduring change.”

The deputy acknowledged that the changes will lead to plenty of complaints from people whose offices are being moved around —“you’ll probably hear screaming and yelling because ‘change is bad,’ ” he predicted for reporters — but he said that “if you’re going to have a more performance-driven operation, you have to unwind the bureaucracy and reorganize.”
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So they create three new offices to reform the Pentagon.

The dude that's probably gonna ramrod the effort says that people will scream NOT BECAUSE THEIR JOB IS BEING ELIMINATED but because they're being reorganized.

Only in America.

How much money could be saved if someone actually had the balls to go thru the Pentagon with a fine tooth comb and start slicing positions that make no bloody sense?

How much waste, fraud and abuse is actually going on in that building?

I think we're all afraid to find out.

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