Saturday, December 02, 2017

"The Marine Corps Way Of War" Book Giveaway Winner!

Well we have a winner of the book giveaway I told you about a few days ago. The methodology was simple.  I searched the internet for a random name picker, landed on Random Name Picker and entered everyone's name that responded to that blog post.

The "machine" picked Ryan The Red, so congrats to you bud!  We'll do it like this...Ryan has 72 hours to hit me in my blog e-mail and I'll forward your name and address to the publisher so you can get your book before Christmas.

Since this is a Marine Corps focused site we have to have a backup plan in case we don't get a response so if Ryan doesn't respond I'll inform our second place guy...Locum...that he has 72 hours. 

This was a good read and worth my time.  I hope the winner enjoys it too.  Thanks for participating guys and better luck next time.

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