Wednesday, December 20, 2017

USMC dumps 120mm Mortars!

Thanks to FormerDirtDart for the link!

In a push to build its modernization budget and invest in new technologies, the Marine Corps has hauled at least one program of record to the curb -- and is looking for more to cut.

The Corps has already divested of the 120mm Expeditionary Fire Support System to make way for other capabilities, Lt. Gen. Robert Walsh, commanding general of Marine Corps Combat Development Command, told in an interview.

The EFSS, fielded in the early 2000s, was designed to be extremely portable, small enough to be towed by an all-terrain vehicle that fits easily inside an MV-22 Osprey.

Made by General Dynamics, the full system weighs roughly 18 pounds and can fire high-explosive, smoke and illumination rounds. The system was fired in combat for the first time in 2011.

The news that the Marine Corps is cutting ties with the program is something of a surprise, considering the service was in the process of acquiring a new round: the Raytheon-made GPS-guided precision extended range munition, or PERM, expected to increase the accuracy of the system and extend its range from roughly five miles to 10.
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JESUS!  Make up my mind HQMC!  Which is it?  

I have shouted to the rooftops that the Company Landing Team is a bad idea and that the battlefield has changed.  I've pounded walls stating that we have seen terrorists morph into nation state type forces (damn near combined arms teams) and that the CLT would not survive against that threat and would be less than a speed bump against peer/near peer forces.

The response amounted to this.  You don't know what the fuck  you're  talking about, so sit down and shut up, you snotty nosed bitch!

And then we have this.

I don't get it.

What happened to the air enabled MEU?  So in one fell swoop they dump 120mm mortars?  What is going to support the CLT 24-7?

Simply amazing.

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