Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Weird dog story...Georgia is turning into Florida...

via Miami Herald.
A Georgia man says he was ordered to cut his own dog's head off after police shot it dead. Joe Nathan Goodwin was at work on Friday when he received a call from his distraught girlfriend Natasha Dakon telling him the police had turned up at their home and shot their dog after receiving reports it had bitten a neighbor. The cops, who claimed they'd shot the animal when it lunged at a deputy, then ordered the grieving pet owner to decapitate his two-year-old dog, Big Boy, so his head could be sent for rabies testing. The stunned Goodwin, who began recording the confrontation with the officers on his cellphone, says that when he refused to cut off his dog's head, Crawford County Sheriff's Office investigator James Hollis threatened to throw him in jail.
Story here. 

If this was in Florida it would be easier to believe.  All kinds of batshit crazy stuff happens in Florida.  Or New Jersey.  Or California.  But even in the crazy areas of the US this is plain weird.

I get shooting the dog if he attempted to attack deputies.  Pause.  Let's take a beat on this.  You do know why cops are seemingly so quick to shoot dogs don't you?

It's a blast from the past.

Not many seem to remember but when the crack scene was raging hard (and even today with the meth dealers) you'd see crack houses (meth dens) guarded by muscled up Rottweilers that owners would feed steaks that I would love to have on my table and inject them with steroids and have them pull weights around the building so they get bigger/stronger/faster.

These dogs would attack on command and according to people that have been there and done that, they were as big a danger as the hopped up zombies waiting behind the door with AK's and Sawed Off Shotguns.

But back on task.

I can't blame them for the shooting.  But I wonder about the order.  The only reason why I'm not more solid on this is because I don't know how rabies testing is done.  Is this common?  I've never heard of such a thing before. 

What I find even stranger is why the dog owner would do that!  I can see me now.  Dude!  You just killed my fucking dog and now you want me to saw off his head?  Eat shit bro.  Take me to jail cause that ain't happening!

This whole story is just plain weird.

How did we get to a point where weirdness isn't unusual but becoming commonplace?

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