Wednesday, January 03, 2018

2nd Cav Regiment is still teasing pics of its shrink wrapped Dragoon....

caption ....
Join us as we count down the days until more 30mm Dragoon Styrkers arrive to 2CR. This Stryker was named for our Regiment and will be fielded across the Squadrons throughout 2018.
Why are they still playing this shrink wrap thing?  Everyone knows what this damn thing looks like.  If they've made mods in the field then awesome but stop playing this game.

This is the first bad move from 2nd Cav public relations I've seen.  Too bad.  You don't tease pics of fucking fighting vehicles.  You let the beasts out into the wild. 

You toss that turret around, you send rounds down range....In other words you FUCKING ROAR!  

The Ne0-Cons and Dept of the Army says that Europe (your freaking backyard) might see hordes of Russians at anytime.  Start acting like you're forward deployed and ready to hook and jab with enemy forces! 

Take the fucking shrink wrap off.  I mean you are "ready to fight tonight" right?

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