Wednesday, January 03, 2018

A-29, AT-6 Dirt Runway Landing/Take Off Vid & a modest proposal...

I'm jumping on the bandwagon.

My modest proposal is this.  Since HQMC won't just simply DUMP the idea of SPMAGTF-CR then at least do a few things to fix it.  Problem?  The F-35 costs too damn much to operate, they aren't gonna send it anywhere where support isn't available/exquisite and no one wants to bang around 150 plus million dollar piece of hardware.

The answer?

Buy the freaking A-29, make it the escort and close air support for the SPMAGTF-CR and put an end to the dreams of the tilt-rotor UAV that is a jack of all trades.

Reality time.  Someone is gonna have to be the adult and tell the wing that they can't keep gobbling up every spare cent the Marine Corps has.

Additionally, some knuckle dragging bastard (I volunteer) is gonna have to tell leadership the bad news.  First, their plan to deal with the procurement train wreck is fucked beyond recognition and second, Congress/Trump might want to bail you out of your idiocy but they can't...and won't.

By my way of thinking I'm guessing a grand total of maybe 20-30 should just about do it.  Assign them to the AH-1Z/UH-1Y squadrons, rotate seats so you don't have to train additional pilots and make this happen by the end of summer (the protracted procurement timetable is really starting to grate).

It's the only answer.  If the AH-1Z/UH-1Y doesn't have the legs or speed to keep up with the MV-22, if the F-35 is just too damn special unicorn to even do the mission and if the tilt rotor UAV is just a twinkle in Mad Dogs eye then we've got to make moves now.

That move should be to buy the A-29 right fucking now.

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