Thursday, January 25, 2018

A new LCS concept of operations...PT Boat WW2 style?

via AOL Breaking Defense.
The Navy has again spoken up for the much-maligned platform, suggesting to Breaking Defense that the LCS could operate in the Pacific like the PT boats of World War II or cavalry units in a Napoleonic army. Rear Adm. Donald Gabrielson said that the LCSs “are like the special operators of the naval surface force.” The head of the Navy’s operational hub in Singapore added that “(t)hose ships can get in out and of places because of their speed and their shallow draft…. before other people realize what just happened.”

In essence, he was propounding a cavalry role for the LCS, where the vessel would take the fight to the enemy in hit-and-run attacks while trying to evade detection. However, this proposed Concept of Operations for the Littoral Combat Ship is problematic as it fails to consider the vessel’s suitability for such missions.
Story here. 

Won't work.

The Chinese have a fast attack missile boat that is built for just this type of thing.

Maybe the LCS should be geared toward trying to hunt them down?  Nope. That won't work either.  The Chinese boat has missiles that greatly outdistance anything the LCS has.

The PT Boats of WW2 made high speed torpedo runs against large enemy vessels.

The LCS will be chewed up trying to do the same.

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