Tuesday, January 23, 2018

About the Patria AMV 6x6 possibility...

Patria is teasing a new vehicle that's suppose to be coming out in a few months.  If its the Patria AMV 6x6 then its a weak tease.

We've seen that vehicle damn near everywhere.

We saw it displayed in Brazil when it was competing against Iveco for their wheeled IFV, we saw a version offered early on when the AMV first caught fire and we've seen it as late as last year at the Polish weapons show.

A 6x6 version of every 8x8 on the market is a no brainer.

If you want to actually have a family of vehicles then a 6x6 and perhaps even a 4x4 version of them tailored to particular battlefield tasks makes nothing but sense.

If the mobility gap has actually been closed, if it makes sense money wise and if the desire is to have simplified logistics/maintenance then why this hasn't happened earlier is beyond me.

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