Monday, January 29, 2018


via Newsweek.
The U.S. military intends to remain in the northern Syrian city of Manbij despite an incoming offensive backed by Turkey, who along with Ankara's rebel allies, have launched an assault on nearby Kurdish forces sponsored by the Pentagon.

With the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) mostly defeated in the east, the focus of Syria's nearly seven-year war has shifted west, particularly to the northwestern district of Afrin, where Turkey and the insurgent Free Syrian Army have begun attacking a Kurdish militia known as the People's Protection Units (YPG). The YPG was the main faction behind the Syrian Democratic Forces that led U.S. efforts to destroy ISIS on the ground, but the YPG was also considered a terrorist organization by Turkey because of its alleged links to a Kurdish nationalist insurgency at home.
Story here. 

Some of you people are so fucking wedded to your conspiracy theories that you confuse yourselves.

SDF equals the YPG.  They had "moderate" head choppers in the ranks but that force was largely composed of Kurds.

That's why this thing has been so confusing from the start...and that's why we've seen such a chaotic battlefield.

But I digress.

Looks like the US will not leave the battlefield and will stand with the Kurds.

This is when shit gets interesting for us....pucker time for the guys on the hill...if the Turks attack those Special Ops guys then it will be the first time since Vietnam that Special Ops units have engaged conventional forces in the defense.  What SOCOM doesn't like to tell anyone (and probably a whole generation of generals have forgotten) is that Special Ops forces are vulnerable to conventional forces...especially combined arms teams.

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