Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Chinese J-20 completes first air combat exercise via Sputnik!

via Sputnik
China’s fifth-generation J-20 jets took part in their first air combat drills at the start of January, according to a People’s Liberation Army Air Force announcement.

The exercises featured J-20 aircraft simulating aerial combat with older J-16 and J-10 fighters and involved H-6K long-range bombers in some capacity, the Diplomat reported Tuesday, citing the air force. The location of the drills, which lasted nine days, has not been disclosed, the news outlet noted.
Story here. 

A big AESA.  Long range missiles.  High flying.  Super cruise.  Long ranged.

The F-35 supporters say maneuvering is irrelevant.  What if the Chinese agree and decided to build a big honking, fast as fuck missile carrier that has frontal stealth, can fly far and high and can rain down missiles (if its at say 50K feet) on its prey?

It doesn't matter.  Something tells me we'll all know more than we want soon enough.

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