Friday, January 26, 2018

Chinese Navy inching toward worldwide operations...via Naval News.

27th Chinese Naval Escort Taskforce Departs Port of La Goulette, Tunisia

The 27th Chinese naval escort taskforce comprising of the guided-missile destroyer Haikou (Hull 171), the guided-missile frigate Yueyang (Hull 575) and the comprehensive supply ship Qinghaihu (Hull 885) left the Port of La Goulette on the morning of Jan. 20 after completing their 5-day friendly visit to Tunisia.

Chinese Ambassador to Tunisia BianYanhua, Chinese Military Attaché Wang Weigang, local overseas Chinese and Chinese students in Tunisia saw the Chinese naval escort taskforce off at the port.

The commanding officers of the Chinese naval taskforce called on the Chief of Staff of Tunisian Navy Rear Admiral (UH) Abderraouf Atallah and local government leaders, and paid an official visit to the Tunisian Naval Academy. They also introduced the escort missions conducted by the Chinese naval fleet at the Gulf of Aden and waters off Somalia.

During the visit, the Chinese naval fleet also hosted deck receptions and the sailors of the two navies conducted extensive friendly exchanges. Representatives of the Tunisian Navy and overseas Chinese in Tunisia also visited the Chinese naval vessels during the open day activities.

The two sides also carried out activities such as friendly sports matches and military exchanges to enhance mutual trust and friendship.

The next port call of the 27th Chinese naval escort taskforce will be Morocco.

I'll keep screaming this at the moon till it finally sinks into your skulls, plants a flag and sets up a homestead.

Russia is not the threat, CHINA IS!

You see this tiny, almost barely noticeable task force?  This is the crawl portion of the crawl, walk, run concept.

They're getting it right, and they're doing it methodically.  I wouldn't even waste time betting that they've studied how we conduct operations.  You know they have.

They're building ships similar to our own to conduct operations how we do.

Did you know they've built they're sixth LPD (a clone of our San Antonio Class)?  Did you know that they have 3 more currently under construction?

Mark my words.

We'll see a surface action group next, followed by the Chinese version of an MEU and finally the Chinese designed Carrier Battle Group (on this one I am becoming more convinced than ever that they will sail with at least 2 carriers and at least 4 Type 52D Destroyers...everything points to them going heavy when they start doing it for real and not for tests).

My point?

The Army might have the luxury of focusing on the Russia threat.  As a matter of fact if we follow roles and functions then maybe THEY SHOULD focus on Russia.

As far as the Marine Corps is concerned, we need to get our head out of Norway.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm sure its a desirable deployment but the nation needs our full attention on the naval battle that is shaping up in the Pacific AND (unfortunately) the out of area fight in Africa (still don't like the idea of us fighting on that continent but it now seems inevitable).

Europe is easy.  We know how to fight there with our eyes closed.  The Middle East is frustrating but we know how to do that too (especially when we have clear objectives).  The issue is the Pacific.  Maybe Africa.  We need to get from behind the power curve.

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