Saturday, January 06, 2018

Chinese President Addresses Military: Fear Neither Hardship Nor Death...these bastards are gearing up!

via Sputnik
Chinese President Xi Jinping encouraged thousands of People’s Liberation Army troops this week to display “the fighting spirit, fearing neither hardship nor death.”

Speaking in front of 7,000 PLA troops in northern China and dressed in military garb, the Chinese leader urged personnel to "create an elite and powerful force that is always ready for the fight, capable of combat and sure to win in order to fulfill the tasks bestowed by the Party and the people in the new era," the state-run Xinhua News Agency reported Wednesday.
Story here. 

Rant time.  These bastards are gearing up.  Are you following this guys dream list?  Ready to fight?  Capable of combat?  Sure to win?

To display the fighting spirit, fearing neither hardship nor death????

He is all but saying that China's military has to get ready to fight the US and that they should be sure of victory and prepared to endure hardships to get it done.

All this mirrors what I've seen on Chinese forums.

The Chinese people seem to be all aboard with this and are signalling that they're ready for any hardship to destroy the hated Americans.

Meanwhile in the Good Ole' USA what do we have?

We have political leaders AND senior military leadership lauding the servicemen at every turn.  We hear the President and the public "appreciating" service yet doing everything possible to weaken instead of strengthen the force (read into that what you will but its a wide range of initiatives) short.

The Chinese are already doing the hard work and already enduring hardship to win the fight we all know is coming.

It's not too late.

We still have time.

But we must get started!  The longer we delay the closer they get to total victory.

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