Wednesday, January 03, 2018

East Africa Response Force (EARF) Soldiers Conduct Live-Fire Training

So the 10th Mtn is in the Horn of Africa?  I wondered where they went off to.  You hear about everyone except those guys lately.

I wonder how they're gonna run those missions when SOCOM leaves with its tail between its leg?  Are they gonna plus up the Response Force and increase aviation support so that our guys aren't on the wrong end of a very long rope?

God I hope so.

One thing to keep your eye on.  The planning section for these missions.  If SOCOM keeps their guys in the room and if the Combatant Commander is Special Ops crazy and is in love with the partner bullshit that is all the rage with the Pentagon then you'll see conventionals trying to run these missions just like SOCOM did.  Too light to survive and too far away for help to arrive in time.

Let's hope some basic infantry common sense is applied before we lose more guys on that forsaken continent.

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