Saturday, January 13, 2018

Hudson Institute says that the Chinese J-11 severely outclasses the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet & F-35C Lightning!

via National Interest.
Already, the F/A-18E/F faces a severe speed disadvantage against Chinese J-11 aircraft, which can fire longer range missiles at a higher kinematic advantage outside of the range of U.S. AIM-120 missiles.”

Nor does the F-35C—which suffers from severely reduced acceleration compared to even the less than stellar performance of other JSF variants—help matters. “Similarly, the F-35C is optimized as an attack fighter, resulting in a medium-altitude flight profile, and its current ability to only carry two AIM- 120 missiles internally [until Block 3] limits its capability under complex electromagnetic conditions,” the authors wrote. 
Story here. 

Read the entire article but this is the closest I've seen a Think Tank finally admitting what most of the readers of SNAFU! have known for years.

The F-35C (and family) is screwed against even CURRENT Chinese/Russian fighters (as is the Super Hornet).

I still believe that the Super Hornet is "serviceable" in certain roles in the event of peer vs peer combat but the F-35 has taken too long, cost too much and will deliver too little to allow the fiction of its lethality to continue.

Someone must save leadership from itself.

The F-35 won't deliver.

It's time to cut bait and start an air superiority program that will give the US and its allies an airplane that will be able to compete and win against the best from China/Russia.

We just don't have anymore time for vanity....or to allow profits to trump national security. 

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