Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Las Vegas Massacre has the hallmarks of a terror attack...information being withheld indicates national security angle...

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via New York Times.
Documents released on Tuesday revealed that police investigating the mass shooting last October in Las Vegas were seeking to question a second man in connection to the attack.

The identity of the man has not been previously reported. It is unclear whether the man who was identified in the documents as a person of interest remains under investigation. The authorities have said that Stephen Paddock was the sole gunman responsible for the attack, but that there was one additional person of interest still under investigation whom they declined to identify.

On Tuesday, a Nevada court unsealed hundreds of pages of search warrants, including an affidavit filed less than a week after the shooting that identifies the gunman’s longtime girlfriend as a person of interest. The authorities subsequently said the girlfriend, Marilou Danley, was not considered a suspect and that she had continued to cooperate with local and federal investigators.
Story here. 

This thing has turned from being a tragedy to a conspiracy and now a down right unspoken terror event.

It all adds up.

Do you remember how the information has been leaked.  Months later we find out that there was a second person of interest.  At the time of the attack we were assured that their was only one shooter even though we had numerous stories of a second shooter being spotted by witnesses.

The security guard for the Casino has suddenly disappeared and finally the guys live in girlfriend is off the radar and back in the Philippines.

Mark my words on this one.  This is no longer just a mass shooting.  This has the scent of a national security event and a terror attack.  The why's remain to be uncovered but this whole thing reeks.

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