Monday, January 29, 2018

Live with the Title | Message to the Force "Execute" Episode 1....My question. When does the pain stop?

I hope I'm reading this wrong.  I hope its a case of me waking up in a mood ready to punch someone in the face and its a matter of me taking a beat and chilling the fuck out.

But I'm just not sure.

Check out the above vid.  The message?  Mixed at best, but I get the impression that this is STILL fallout from the time the Commandant sat in front of the female congress critter and he let her berate him like a little boy.

Haynie, USNI Blog, and everyone that works or associates with them should be happy.

We've been dealing with the fallout of the bullshit from women in combat for 3 years now.

Once glorious Marine Corps recruiting commercials look like utter garbage.  Recruiting is in a hurt locker.  Retention is sucking donkey dick and even pilots are walking out the door.

When does the pain stop?

When can the Marine Corps go back to being the Marine Corps?

Check out the entire series for yourself.  I'll go watch the next 3 or 4 and if my opinion changes I'll let you know but's enough to make you want to punch walls.

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