Thursday, January 04, 2018

Nudelman Precision - Russia Sosna-R Autonomous Supersonic ADMS Armoured Vehicle

Our potential foes have fully integrated anti-air complexes that can protect their formations while on the move.

The old chestnut of trying to win air superiority, then knocking back enemy air defenses and finally providing close air support might not be applicable in the future.

Think about it like this.

Even during WW2 the US did not operate against a fully functioning threat from enemy aircraft.  On the Eastern Front, both the Russian and German Air Forces simultaneously fought the air superiority, close air and even strategic air (limited though it was) fight at the same time.

We HAVE NEVER had to.

I wonder how we'll handle having to.

Let me put it another way.  What happens to the US way of war if the enemy is able to so press and harass our air arm that they aren't able to help with the ground fight?  Could our ground forces repel an enemy assault with artillery being the primary means of supporting fires?

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