Saturday, January 06, 2018

Open Comment Post. Jan 6, 2018....and putting a few pins in things....

I am truly sorry I have to do this but I've allowed some of the nonsense to go too long.  Gotta start just deleting shit and if it persists then I gotta ban.

Trying to play the nice guy just ain't working so rage monster must re-emerge to bring order to the creeping chaos.

What The Fuck am I talking about?

1.  In comments.  This is NOT an anti-US forum.  If that's all you have to bring to the table then carry your sorry ass.  If you can't take the hint then I'm gonna ban you.  If its pertinent to the conversation then awesome.  If its your fucking opinion then take it to China.

2.  In comments.  If you're a fucking genius that wants to debate shit that is posted on this blog then guess what.  Awesome.  But you better do it the right way.  Be advised (this applies to the pussified group of you bastards that don't want to see anything that might mess your world view) cupcake.  I get stuff from around the globe.  You don't like it?  Then go somewhere else.

3.  In comments.  Yesterday I posted a historic document.  The unclassified readout of the briefing that Kissinger got from the IDF during the Oct War.  SOME OF YOU FUCKING FOOLS wanted to debate whether or not the briefing was correct.  Don't you fucking get it?  They were operating in the fog of war trying to gather information in real time while their forces were engaged in combat.  Of course some of it is gonna be found to be in error!  You're missing the big picture.  This is what they were thinking while the battle was raging!  That is the historic significance!  If you can't get with that then be fucking gone.

4.  In comments.  I don't know why Israel is such a big target for so many.  I don't fucking care.  That SHIT WILL STOP.  No more mulligans, second chances, forgiveness etc...I'm tired of that Nazi shit and won't put up with it. You hate Israel?  Awesome.  Go tell Storm Front all about it.  But as for me? I support them.  You don't like the stance?  AGAIN I DON"T CARE.

Yeah guys.

It's all about the comments.

Once again it all about the comments.

For those that are doing it right you have my gratitude and appreciation.  For those that are trying to shit in the sugar?  Fuck you forever and get your mind right or get the fucking heel to throat.

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