Sunday, January 14, 2018

Ruger PC9 or PCC9 Take Down 9mm Carbine looks awesome in the Military Arms Channel Review!!!


I questioned the ergonomics of this thing but the thing looks like a pure beauty in Mac's vid.  Even better is that this beast will feed from any Glock magazine (seems to have a bit difficulty with ETS mags but not too bad), both OEM and aftermarket.  I've seen (and own) a few Korean Glock Mags and while I've never had an issue, I have heard horror stories.

Last but not least?

It doesn't have an issue with hollow points.

I can tell you know this is a definite buy for me.  Oh and all the guys wanting one in 10mm or 45 cal or even 40 cal (don't know why...40 sucks) I get it.  The 9mm tribe gets all the goodies (especially the Glock cult) and everyone else gets left in the cold.

Well to you guys I'm already making the call.  If by chance Ruger makes this in your caliber then buy it quick.

MAC referenced it in his video.  The last time we saw something like this was from Marlin.  A Marlin employee made it 9mm compatible and if you can find one today then you have a gem.

I don't know how this one will do in today's AR crazy market.  But buy it while you can.  Democrats will probably take over Congress late this year and Trump is a bit unsteady on gun issues (looking at his past not his stance since running as a Republican).  Better to be safe than sorry.

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