Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Saudi backed Yemen Prime Minister set to flee the country...

via The Republic.
 Yemen’s prime minister was preparing to flee to Saudi Arabia on Tuesday after separatists backed by the United Arab Emirates seized the area around the presidential palace in the southern city of Aden in fierce battles, security officials said.

A Saudi-led coalition that includes the UAE has been battling rebels in northern Yemen for nearly three years on behalf of President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi’s government. But despite having a common enemy, the UAE and Hadi have been locked in a long-running power struggle, which boiled over on Sunday as clashes erupted across the government’s seat of power.

Elsewhere in Yemen, al-Qaida militants attacked a checkpoint in the southern Shabwa province, killing at least 12 soldiers in an area where Yemeni troops had claimed victory against the extremist group. The militants claimed the attack in a statement circulated on social media, saying it was in retaliation for abuses by U.S. and UAE-backed forces.
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What?  You haven't been paying attention to Yemen with all the drama going on in SYria?

Your mistake!

The House Of Saud is continuing to get its ass kicked in an absolutely brilliant military manner and they seem unable to even mount a decent offensive against Houthi tribesman that stalk the hills.

So what about AQ and ISIS that supposedly aid the Houthis?

I can't be certain because I don't have good visibility on them but it seems like they just migrated to the region, picked up weapons and started shooting at Saudi forces. 

I can't see a direct "partnership" between them and to be honest I have to wonder if those names aren't being used as an excuse to get us hip deep in rescuing the Saudis.

Long short?

Unless we intervene this Saudi adventure is about to come to an end.  The result?  Iran will be bolstered (they supplied the Houthis while we sat back and helped the Saudis BLOCKAIDE the country...millions went hungry while we helped with this almost criminal invasion).  The House of Saud will sink deeper into chaos.  The GCC will probably fracture.

Yeah.  An already chaotic middle east will become even MORE chaotic.

The next time Marines land in that region we'll probably have to shoot in all directions.  Our enemies are getting stronger, our so called allies are weakening themselves and the fence sitters (Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait) will soon have to pick sides.

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