Monday, January 15, 2018

That boneyards "stealthy" F-18 concept was really the Son of BlackBird!

Thanks to Super Rhino for the link!

Remember Tyler's article when he was writing for FoxTrot Alpha (when they were good and worthy of being on your daily reading list)?

Well looks like Tyler and me (because I agreed with his analysis) were completely off.  We thought it was a stealthy Super Hornet concept that was thrown into the boneyard.

In hindsight its apparent that this was an early Son of BlackBird model.

Of course this also means that the timeline of development that they announced is complete bullshit and that they're MUCH further down the road of development than they're letting on.

It's to be expected in programs like this that straddle the line between open and secret so no foul there.

But one thing.

We're all sure that we have the Aurora project up and going.  Where does this fit into the grand scheme of things?

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