Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Black community should be ashamed....

via Bayou Man Blog.
The project came about [in 2016], when Rhea McCauley, Ms. Parks’s niece, met Mr. Mendoza in Detroit. As part of an art project that explored his own sense of home, as well as the American subprime mortgage crisis, Mr. Mendoza successfully transported an abandoned house from Detroit to Europe, winning the trust of Detroit community members along the way. Ms. McCauley told him she had managed to buy back the family house for $500, but she could not find anyone interested in saving it from demolition.

Mr. Mendoza, who makes his living as a fine-arts painter, agreed to help. He raised a little over $100,000 by selling some of his paintings, and set out for Detroit. There, he worked with a local team to take apart the house, which had fallen into extreme disrepair.

He then shipped the wooden exterior to Berlin, where he spent the winter painstakingly rebuilding it, mostly alone, by hand. “It was an act of love,” he said.

That the house had to be shipped to Berlin to be saved is extraordinary, said Daniel Geary, a professor of American history at Trinity College Dublin, given that, “in general, in the U.S., with public heroes, there is an attempt to preserve anywhere they lived.”

Mr. Geary said that to him, the neglect of a house like this one speaks to a contemporary American unwillingness to deal with racism’s legacy.
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How do I feel as a black guy?

I'm outraged.  I'll get racial and most of you won't like it but deal. 

Why was this even an issue?

And no.  Sorry but don't need whites involved in this.  This is about black America and the values that we supposedly hold dear.  We all had righteous indignation over Civil War statues but when an ICON's house has to be preserved it means shipping it to Germany?  This isn't about America. This is about us.

I'm pissed, I'm angry, I'm fucking demoralized...but mostly I'm ashamed.

This shit is fucking pathetic.

Even worse?  I didn't even know about this shit.  I never knew the house was endangered.  All the bullshit I hear black politicians talk about, all the bullshit I hear during political season from black ministers and they missed this?  What about all the so called activists that called for people to march for this issue or that, but NO ONE could call the community together to pass the hat for this?

Scream at the sky time. You do know what this really means don't you?  Black History Month is a damn joke.

Note:  Watch your mouths on this one.  Daily Stormer bastards will be banned on sight.

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