Wednesday, January 24, 2018

US just pulled the rug from under the Kurds...they're proper fucked!

The Kurds are the rabbits in this scenario. 

I make fun because it's enough to make you punch walls.  We just pulled the rug from under the Kurds, threw the under the bus....buddy fucked the hell outta them. 

Check this out via Almasdarnews.
Any YPG fighter that leaves the battle against the Islamic State (ISIS) in order to participate in the Afrin operations will lose U.S. backing, the Pentagon told Turkish state owned Anadolu News Agency on Tuesday.

“If they [U.S.-backed forces under the SDF] carry out military operations of any kind that are not specifically focused on ISIS they will not have coalition support,” according to Pentagon spokesperson Adrian Rankine-Galloway in reference to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, another name for Daesh.

“Let’s say for example, a unit of YPG says, ‘Hey, we’ll no longer fight ISIS and we are going to support our brothers in Afrin.’” then they are on their own, he said. “They are not our partners anymore.”
Story here. 

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