Friday, January 19, 2018

US Marines aboard the LHD Tonnerre (L9014) conduct TRAP by Sgt. Jessica Y. Lucio

Note:  Sgt Lucio, a request.  Can you get us images of the inside of the ship, preferably with Marines moving about in full gear.  Heard too many stories of wider passageways and such that makes movement easier.  Additionally if you can take pics of the vehicle deck that would be appreciated.

Well this confirms it.  I could be wrong and this isn't just a dog and pony but a real operational concept but at the same time I think I got it right.  The French are a capable force but they're extremely light even when compared to the USMC.  A couple of NH-90's and a Gazelle for a TRAP mission?  That tells us that this force (if it were ever to be used) is intended only for the most benign environments.  Even adding a couple of Tiger Attack Helicopters to the mix would still be light in comparison to how the USMC usually does business.

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