Monday, January 08, 2018

You have my permission to read USNI Blog for this ONE article by SgtMajor Burke

Not gonna lie to you.

USNI Blog makes me want to punch walls, commit violence and to ensure that the grass is fertilized with the blood of my enemies.

They engaged in what I consider REPREHENSIBLE activity a couple of years ago and I will never ever fucking forgive them.  My fantasy about rampaging thru the building and laying waste to it is just that a fantasy.

I'll let those that came before them to settle accounts for their treachery.

But every once in a while, much to my amazement, you can have wayward organization TRY and get their bearings back.

I don't believe that's happening for even ONE SECOND at USNI Blog, but nevertheless YOU MUST READ THIS ARTICLE by SgtMajor Burke.

It's pretty damn inspiring and what I expect from a Marine Corps leader.  Check it out here.

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