Sunday, January 21, 2018

YPG will not go easily into the night...Looks like a Turk Leopard 2 got knocked out in Afrin!

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The Turks might have underestimated the fight and I now think the Russians/Syrians/Iranians are making them look like fools.  I say this in hindsight because I didn't see it at first.

Consider this.  The YPG/PKK are battle hardened.  They're supplied and equipped by the US that seek to establish a "Border Security Force".  They're led by some cracker jack US Army Special Forces bubbas.

This will not be easy.  They will not find it enjoyable.  They MIGHT win but they will pay a heavy price for that victory.

The Russians analyzed the situation and decided to use the Turks as cannon fodder.

If past is prologue we'll see the Turks asking for Russian assistance. Whether its given or not, the Turkish President just weakened his position.  Just like he begged the US for help in an earlier fight, the region will see the Turks for what they really are.  A big Army that looks hard on the outside but if you dig down past the outer layer, they're soft as cotton.

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