Sunday, February 18, 2018

Amphibious Assault -Thailand...vid by Lance Cpl. Austin Weck

It's a simple thing but I hope they fixed in the AAV-SU and the ACV.  Did you notice at the beginning of the vid how slow that ramp comes down?  Maybe this is a stupid bitch/gripe but I would think some engineering geek could think of a way to make it faster...much faster.  Otherwise great vid.

One last question.

I see units rolling into Cobra Gold and I've seen the Wing identified its participants but don't know who the Ground Side bubbas are or what unit they're from.

I haven't heard of an MEU sailing to it, haven't seen a SPMAGTF assigned so who are they and where are they from.  Oh and one last thing.  Haven't posted pics but the US Army is also involved and doing work there.

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