Saturday, February 10, 2018

Another Israeli warplane shot down?

Thanks to Vodkar for the link!

Quick recap for those that just stepped into the SNAFU! classroom.  The Israelis launched an airstrike, one of their planes was hit, the pilot recovered...the Israelis get mad, launch even more strikes and now another plane might have been hit.

CENTCOM needs to deconflict this shit, get everyone at the table and STOP striking Syrian forces asap!

Note:  My stance remains the same.  Syria is secondary at best,    to not even being on my list of concerns if we're being actual and factual.  Notice that the attacks stopped in Europe once Trump told the military to focus on defeating them poste haste?  That's my point.  Focus on ISIS and defeat that enemy.  A negotiated settlement can be reached on the future of Syria!

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