Saturday, February 24, 2018

China PLA Marines Promo ... They're GREAT at the propaganda stuff...


What did I see?  Highly motivated, physically fit, skilled...nothing but combat glides, alot of undersea work (what were they delivering that looked like a WW2 Fat Man Bomb?), lots of armor, lots of HRST work, lots of professionalism.

This is old skool appeal to young men type propaganda.

I'm a Westerner and I found it appealing (and I want them to die a bloody death at the hands of our life takers/heartbreakers) I can only imagine what a Chinese patriot is thinking.


If we can get the public switched on, China might be our saviors.  If we can get the public to see that China is a mortal threat, that might be the thing that brings us all together instead of focusing on triviality and the rest of the insanity that everyone gyrates to.

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