Saturday, February 10, 2018

Did a Pantsir knock down the Israeli F-16?

Thanks to Drinas for the link!


The Israelis worked with Russia to take a beat and keep this situation from getting out of hand.


I don't think people truly understand how rapidly these things can spiral out of control.  Fangs come out, people get hurt and then fangs get buried into the floorboard and you're not stopping till you're covered in blood either dishing out or get a shitload of pain.


I don't know what the author was trying to say here.  Did he mean Shaheen anti-air system?

Regardless, scuttlebutt is that the Pantsir-S1 did the job.

This is disturbing.

I thought this was already in the threat catalog.  I thought this was already accounted for and solved.

Definitely need more details on the shoot down.  If they got lucky then fine.  Shit happens.  If the Israelis got played then there is cause for alarm.

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