Monday, February 19, 2018

Gun control? I was born free!

I did a swing thru my Twitter account this morning.  Bad idea cause I'm in a foul mood.  Low and behold what did I see?  I saw a few military types (retired), a few think tank types (some retired military) and the usual suspects on the liberal side of things talking about how after this latest travesty we need more gun laws.

I'm beyond perplexed.  I'm pissed.

The FBI got tips.  The national security establishment AND law enforcement has the American people practically informing on each other as we speak.

This time they got a tip of a young maniac with a gun and the FBI ignored it. We give them spying power beyond belief, they can arrest us on a whim, and they have us practically to the point of ratting on each other if we have certain views outside the mainstream and yet they did nothing?

Now they want to add more restriction?

I won't state my real feelings but let me be clear.  Eat shit and die.  Not while I live.  No way in hell.  I am not a slave.  My ancestors had no choice.  I do.  

From my cold dead hands!

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