Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Not one step in retreat...Trump is making a mistake...

This is bad on a number of levels.  First lets talk legality.  I'm annoyed that he is attempting to do this thru the office of the President.  This will set a precedent of President's acting against our gun rights thru the power of the pen.

I don't like that.

Next he is picking the wrong side.  The gun grabbers will NEVER be satisfied.  They will want more no matter what we give so why give anything.

For me?

Not one step in retreat.  I will not accept the curtailing of MY GOD GIVEN RIGHTS because some idiots on the East or West Coast that have an issue with firearms.

Side note.  Think I'm alone in this?  Check out the gun community on Instagram...people are ragging on Trump.  His normal supporters are going batshit crazy!

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