Sunday, February 04, 2018

Outrage at Mutilation of Kurdish Female Fighter’s Body by Turkish-Backed Forces

via Sputnik.
Global condemnation has erupted after videos posted online revealed the mutilation of a body belonging to a female member of the Kurdish Women’s Protection Units at the hands of Turkish-backed militants in Syria.

Turkish-backed Syrian militants are accused of recording the horrific abuse of the corpse of a female member of the Kurdish Women's Protection Units, according to reports, although some have claimed that she blew herself up to avoid capture.

Turkey and militant groups in Syria hired by Ankara to invade the northern-Syrian Kurdish town of Afrin staged an invasion beginning January 20, drawing global approbation.

A staunch ally of the US-backed coalition fighting Daesh in Syria, Kurdish forces are considered terrorists by the increasingly autocratic and nationalist regime of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who authorized the Syrian invasion.

An official with the Kurdish fighters in Afrin identified the woman killed and mutilated as Barin Kobani, a highly-trained soldier who fought with the US in driving Daesh from the northern Syrian village of Qurna, according to The Guardian.
Story here. 

I am amazed.  The Western public has this whitewashed view of warfare and think FOOLISHLY that its clean, with established rules and that the enemy fights within the framework of the Geneva Convention.

It's with that idiocy which we see the meme of women in combat being pushed.

Even worse?

Youtube, Twitter (to a much lesser degree) and the other members of the main stream media prevent the truth from getting out.

I can't tell you how many times either haters (and I have a number of them...fuck you all) or mothers of America have flagged blog items because they showed a truth that no one wanted to see.

Remember that academic that was captured by ISIS?  I posted the story on this blog.  Those animals crucified the guy and at some point cut off his had and placed it at his feet.

The pic, the story and the reality of ISIS was quickly flagged by some idiot that stopped by my blog.

So what do we have today?

We have morons like our former President pushing for women in combat.  We have idiots like the bastards at USNI Blog doing the same, giving feminists that don't give a fuck about military matters a platform to transform the military.

The reality?

We're gonna see an American Service Woman raped by about more than 20 men live on YouTube.  We're gonna get a chance to see her vaginally mutilated with objects.  We're gonna see all this and pray for God to let her die rather than let the agony continue.

And those that pushed for this?

Their daughters will be far from the frontlines. 

Their daughters will be living in luxury and it will be some little girl from a poor or middle class family that will suffer the arrogance of those THAT SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER!

Outrage at this mutilation?

I have none.  My eyes are wide open to who we're dealing with, their ideology, their belief systems and their behavior.

The Kurds are in a total war situation so they don't have a choice.  Understanding that, I hope she died before they could grab her and I hope this was done to a corpse (but we'll never know).

But we.  The people of the West?  We're not in a total war situation but we're still subjecting the mothers of our children (and our children) to this madness.

If that makes me a male chauvinist then so be it.

I'm still fucking right.

If you're one of those people with an "open mind" and if you fool yourself into believing that rights are for everyone and everyone deserves a chance to serve on the frontlines then I say awesome.  Just do me a favor.  Make sure you put some skin in the game.  Make sure you get your daughter to the front.

Rant over.

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