Thursday, February 01, 2018

Politics Talk. What doesn't the FBI and News Media want us to see???

I've been a bit surprised, amazed and now curious.

The pushback against the Nunes memo has been beyond intense and everyone is forgetting the reality of this situation.

Yeah Nunes is an idiot.

But Ryan, Graham and others are not.  And they've all said that they've seen information that indicates a crime was committed.  Additionally the Democrats have gone batshit stupid in trying to put down the memo and the FBI is acting almost as bad.

I've never seen the Bureau in this kind of panic before.

The closest I've seen any Federal Law Enforcement Agency engaged in this kind of fetal position/woe is me/we're about to get our nuts crushed is the ATF after the Branch Davidian cluster.

I considered this all a show before.  Now?  Now I can't wait to read what's in this thing.

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