Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Public Service Announcement. This is the true face of MS-13.

via Washington Post.
Carlos Otero Henriquez told a friend he was a member of the 18th Street gang. On Facebook, he posted photos of himself flashing his gang’s signs. When members of the rival MS-13 gang noticed, the 18-year-old from Leesburg, Va., was targeted for murder.

“We’re always patrolling the area to make sure it’s clean of enemies,” Wilmar Javier Viera Gonzalez, a top Virginia MS-13 leader recently testified in Alexandria federal court. He showed jurors a notebook he kept full of MS-13 codes, nicknames and rules. Among the gang’s policies: To move up, “you must kill a rival.”
 In court last week, Viera Gonzalez, who formerly held the title “first word” of the VLS, calmly admitted he ordered members of his gang to stab Henriquez to death in May 2016 so they could rise up in the ranks.

“He had no idea that night would be his last,” Assistant U.S. attorney Patricia Giles said of Henriquez in her opening statement. “He had no idea of the horrible death he would suffer.”
 It was an MS-13 hanger-on named Andres Velasquez Guevara who alerted the gang members to the rival, according to court documents. He had become friends with Henriquez early in 2016. Early on, Velasquez Guevara later told police, he asked his new friend if he was in a gang.

Henriquez said yes: 18th Street.

“Here you don’t go around saying things like that,” Velasquez Guevara told police he responded. “Dangerous.”

When he became friends with Henriquez on Facebook in April, he saw the teenager had posted photos of himself making 18th Street gang signs. He passed those photos on to Miguel Gomez, an MS-13 member, according to court documents, who alerted gang leaders in El Salvador.

The message came back to kill Henriquez, Viera Gonzalez said.
 The victim was brought to a van, where MS-13 members waited.

“He was told that we were going to a party . . . where there were girls,” testified Manuel Antonio Centeno, who has also pleaded guilty.

As they drove, Viera Gonzalez said he turned the music up and discussed with the driver where they might kill Henriquez undetected.

They decided on the isolated mountains of West Virginia. On the way there, Viera Gonzalez passed around Heinekens and asked Henriquez questions: Where he was from, how long he had been in the country and whether he was in a gang.

Henriquez said he was in the 18th Street gang. He asked Viera Gonzalez the same questions, noting his tattoos and that he was from San Miguel, a city in El Salvador dominated by MS-13.
No one in this van is in a gang, the MS-13 leader said he responded.
Story here...discuss this amongst yourselves...I'm curious to whether my readers are as outraged as I am. 

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