Thursday, February 01, 2018

Really gun guys? How is this the new "hotness"???

I love the gun community and then I hate it.  Why?  Because while everyone is hardcore about standing up for our rights (and that's a good thing), we seem to always fall victim to the latest thing.

What am I talking about this time?

For some unknown reason the latest "hotness" is carrying an SBR or AR Pistol in a backpack/sling bag.

The guy in the vid is talking about how he did secret squirrel (I'm assuming) work and how he needed to blend in on missions but for some reason  this is being shopped to the civilian market.

Everyone has the freedom to choose.  Everyone has the right to spend their money on whatever.

But dude!  

If you need to carry an SBR or AR Pistol in your backpack when you go out and about then you need to MOVE!

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